Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator Review

So, I attended an online It Works! Party a couple of weeks ago. I was chosen as the winner of a wrap! Lucky me. I was so excited! I also received a few samples, which I will be trying and reviewing later. (Be on the lookout for those posts.) Now, back to the wrap. I tried it this morning, and here are my results. (I can't believe I'm posting pics of my stomach online. Yikes!)
This is my before pic.

Here I am wearing the wrap.

And here I am after 45 minutes of wrap wearing.

As you can see, the wrap really does work. I am quite satisfied with this product. This was my first experience, and it was a good one. The directions state that you should wear the wrap a minimum of 45 min and up to 8 hours; however, it should be worn no longer than 45 min if it is your first time in order to test your skin's sensitivity.  I had no reaction to the wrap; I only experienced a tingling while wearing it, but it was not uncomfortable. The frequency of use is one Ultimate Body Applicator every 72 hours. 

If you're interested in trying this or other It Works! Products, contact Katrina on Instagram or through her website

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