Sunday, September 23, 2012

Homeschooling Week: Sept. 17-21, 2012

We had another good week. The children were a bit silly at times (fall fever?), but we managed to stay on task-most of the time-and complete our work. Here's a peek into our week:

"Treat of the Week"

Baby Girl's beeswax crayons-they came with her Oak Meadow Preschool package.

Baby Girl drew "green grass" with her crayons. We've been spending more time outside since the weather is cooler, and she LOVES lying down in the grass and picking it & playing with it.

Doodles watches a video about carnivorous plants as part of science.

The tree Doodles chose to watch throughout the year (for seasonal changes, signs of animals, etc.) as part of her nature study.

Doodles uses the dictionary for a language lessons assignment

Two of Bug's vocabulary words from his Further Up and Further In unit study

Bug watches a video about why we have seasons (also part of his Further Up & Further In study)

Bug and I also read online about different tea times (I was much more interested in this than he was....LOL.)

Not exactly homescool-related, except for the fact that I want to let you know:
Homeschooling moms need...and deserve...breaks! Hubby and I had a date night (kiddos stayed with grandparents) & I bought these thing for myself. I am injecting more FUN into my life, and I'm a better wife & mom because of it.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Homeschooling Week: Sept. 10-14, 2012

We had a good week, for the most part. We started co-op this week, and the kiddos are really enjoying it. We go every Monday. I had to make one adjustment, though, because Apologia Physical Science proved to be WAY over Doodles' head. As a new sixth grader, the material was just too difficult for her. It is geared toward 8th graders, so we will be going back to it in a few years. Meanwhile, though, I am putting together my own science program for her, which is exciting for both of us. Also, I must add that I am totally in love with our main programs this year. Sonlight Core F is just awesome (Doodles), as is Further Up and Further In (Bug.) I have had incredible discussions with each of them. I am also learning so much myself! Oak Meadow Preschool (Baby Girl) is such a gentle and beautiful program. We are truly thrilled this year! Here is a glimpse into our week:

Doodles' current science books

Doodles' first science assignment this week: fine something interesting in nature...she found a spider.

Doodles' sketch and writing for "her" spider

Doodles' report for this week (Sonlight Core F)

Bug found a lizard...not an officially scheduled nature study, but natural curiosity and love of creepy, crawly things!

A mushroom that Bug snapped a picture of, again, just b/c he enjoys nature :)

Bug sketched a picture of the herb honesty, as part of his Further Up and Further In study (hey, I didn't even know such an herb existed until now)

A supplementary book that Bug and I used this week: we read the essay entitled "Sometimes Fairy Stories May Say Best What's to be Said" (quite advance reading for Bug, but we read it together and he "got" it)

Bug and I also read a poem from this book entitled "Deadly Sins" (another deep disussion ensued)

As part of Bug's Further Up and Further In, we discussed coronations, and then we read about The Crown Jewels online, and he completed a worksheet about them. His project choice was to design a crown, and Doodles decided to join the fun!

The King and Queen

Baby Girl is, of course, our little princess

Bug's worksheet about The Crown Jewels

Baby Girl enjoys our outside meal time

Bug was not "all work" this week. He did get some "play."

Bug also took time to see-saw with Baby Girl

Baby Girl really loves spending time outdoors. She is a natural at nature study!

Baby Girl loves walking...and the grass.

And she also loves lying in the grass!

Baby Girl plays with her kitchen set. We are still working on helping her understand "how" to play with it, but at least she is opening and closing the oven door now.

A couple of books that Bug will be reading to supplement our next main book in Further Up and Further In, which will be The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe


Friday, September 7, 2012

Week in Review: Sept. 3, 2012

Bug uses money manipulatives to practice place value in Saxon 5/4 Math

Doodles prepares for her daily timed drill in Saxon Math 7/6. One thing I LOVE about Saxon is the daily timed fact drills. My kiddos KNOW their basic math facts!

Doodles all "comfy" while reading a book from Sonlight Core F

Bug is reading this book as a go-along with his Further Up & Further In Unit Study

Bug wrote a letter for a language lessons assignment, and then...

he mailed Nana & Papa. :)

Doodles' first math test of the year: 100!!!

Doodles' animal report as part of Sonlight Core F (this week she learned about Australia)

Doodles uses the iPad to look at pictures of dingoes

Bug uses a dictionary (what? they still make those? LOL) to define vocabulary words from The Magician's Nephew as part of his Further Up & Further In Unit Study

Bug reads about the layers of the atmosphere at this site as a part of Further Up & Further In

Bug's sketch of a scene from The Magician's Nephew


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Fun

It's close enough to fall (even though we're still hitting the 90's here), so we made fall-themed cookies
(I'd already decorated the house for fall, a little early, but I don't care)

Daddy helps Baby Girl use a cookie cutter

Baby Girl tries some cookie dough

Bug decorates a cookie

Doodles decorates a cookie

I work on a fall craft

Even dad got in on the fall crafts, but it was "manly" because he made this:

Dad's "manly" craft
Cookies, anyone?
Of course Dad wants a few
Doodles made a leaf rubbing for her fall craft
Bug's & my fall crafts hanging in our dining room windows
This was today, but I had to include it: Baby Girl had a blast playing in the rain!


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