Friday, August 29, 2014

Homeschooling: First Two Weeks of the 2014-2015 School Year

We had a very good start to the year. I hope things will continue to go smoothly, but I'm sure we'll hit our share of bumps in the road! Meanwhile, here's a peek at our year so far:

Hogwarts Welcome Letters: Harry Potter Unit Study fun!

Bug reads the map of Hogwarts

Week 1 Vocabulary

Doodles dissects the owl pellet

Bug dissects an owl pellet

Bone from inside the owl pellet

More bones

We located some of the places mentioned in the first Harry Potter book

Time for math

Doodles is enjoying her Forensic Science class

Bug loves to relax while he reads Percy Jackson

We drank lemon juice so we could make a face like Aunt Petunia's in Harry Potter

Our experiment to determine whether we are Magic or Muggles...

we're all Magic!!!

Bug and Doodles are doing research for their papers. 
Quick Essay Time

Baby Girl loves to hang out with Bug while he reads.

Bug and Doodles look at the globe to identify locations in Harry Potter

We read about storms in the North Sea.

Bug's science book

We also read about pigs, since Hagrid magically made a pig's tail appear on Dudley.

Bug reads his history book for co-op.

Baby Girl gets in on all the action!

We ate sausages and drank tea, like Hagrid served Harry.

We studied stalactites and stalagmites.

We are using this book to learn about the creatures mentioned in Harry Potter. Bug and Doodles are also writing reports on some of the creatures.
The ingredients for goblin slobber...

And here it is!


Blindfold taste test - featuring both good and bad tastes, just like...

Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.

Bug looks up his vocabulary words.

We read about twins, because of The Weasley twins.

Bug did an experiment to discover the preferred foods of insects.

Incidentally, we discovered this gecko that had been stripped to the bones by ants.

Bug does research for his paper about unicorns.

The flies preferred syrup.

The ants also preferred syrup.

The ants also enjoyed sugar water.

Bug uses his Hogwarts map to answer questions.

Bug learned about how scientists estimate the number of stars in our galaxy.

Baby Girl does some "cooking."

We tried these snacks, since they are similar to the pumpkin pasties eaten by Harry and Ron.

We drank this "magical sleeping potion" that contains the herb chamomile.

Bug learned about prime numbers.

We changed our seasonal nature table to autumn...a little early, but I couldn't wait!

Autumn is almost here!

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