Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Reading

This is a wonderful book. I started reading it today, and I've already read through the first 98 pages. It's a delightful book with several Christmas stories & excerpts from Christmas stories, some of which I was familiar with and some of which were new to me. Two of the stories--both of which I'd never read before--that I truly loved are "Old Pierre's Christmas Visitors" and "Aunt Cyrilla's Christmas Basket." We'll be using this book in our Children Around the World/Christmas Around the World studies. I'm really looking forward to sharing all of these stories with my children!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keeping our focus on Christ this Christmas

With so much to do in December: Christmas parties, Doodle's birthday, Baby Girl's Forever Family Day anniversary, hubby's & my wedding anniversary, could all pass by in a whirlwind with no time to reflect on the miracle of the Savior's birth. This year, I'm determined to keep my focus on Christ. We are doing some advent activities as a family, plus I'm reading a wonderful book/Bible study/devotional all-in-one. I'm LOVING it so far. I highly recommend it. It's called Preparing My Heart for Advent. I'd love for you to join me!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Adoption Awareness Month

November is officially Adoption Awareness Month, but each month holds that awareness for me, as it should for all Christians. We are commanded in Scripture to care for the orphans. For some, that means adopting a child; for others, it means donating to an adoption agency; for others it may mean sponsoring a child; it may even be visiting an orphanage to spend time with the children there; it could mean speaking in various churches or other organizations about adoption; it might mean being led to speak out about ethical adoption practices.....the list could go on. For me, it means a combination of those things. What does it mean for you? What is the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart? As we enter this season of celebration, take some time to reflect on how God would have you meet the needs of orphans. You are all called to do something.

Self-Care That's Not So Fun

As promised in my previous post, I am now going to talk about self-care that's not so much fun. This kind of self-care involves thin...