Saturday, November 22, 2014

Homeschooling and Life: End of September - November 22, 2014

Yes, I'm still here. It has been a while. Here is a look at what the past two months have held for us.

We started Book 2 of the Harry Potter series

Doodles set the table for our "dinner party"

Bug is using this book for part of his science studies.

Bug is working on science.

Bug learned how to use a protractor to draw and measure angles.
We made pumpkin juice as part of our Harry Potter unit study.

We studied beetles.

We learned about mandrakes in Herbology class.

Bug is hard at work on science.

Bug decided to see if he could get a drink through a long connection of straws.

It worked!

Bug did an experiment to illustrate how water changes landforms over time.

Bug started reading Book One of The Kane Chronicles

My hubby brought these home. Someone gave him these acorns that came from the northern part of  the United States. I added them to our nature table.

Bug did a science experiment to illustrate erosion.

Zoe wants to do school, too!

Another science experiment

Halloween: Walter White (Breaking Bad), Sugar Skull (Day of the Dead), and  Flower Fairy

My Sugar Skull makeup

Bug on Halloween

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