Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Early December Fun 2013

We have had a busy month already-Christmas parties, extra co-op Christmas play practices, Christmas shopping, wedding anniversary, and Gotcha Day anniversary, just to name a few! And we still have a birthday coming up, as well as several other Christmas gatherings. Whew, whirlwind December! Thankfully we have still found time to bake and watch Christmas movies as a family. Those simple moments-with just hubby, the kids, and myself-are my favorite part of Christmas. Here's to hoping I get more of those in the second half of this month!

Baby Girl checks out the tree

Happy little girl!

Making a funny face

Creche that Doodles made for her December Spanish project

Adeste Fidelis-Bug memorized this & sang it for his December Latin project

Ninjabread Cookie Kit

Bug shapes gingerbread cookies

Baby Girl helps me shape cookies

Just having fun!

 Ninjabread cookies

Gingerbread men

I shaped the fondant for the gingerbread house

Bug is working while Doodles acts silly

Bug takes out gingerbread house pieces

Our completed gingerbread house: front view

Side view

Another side view

Back view

Baby Girl in her new outfit and boots

Somebody got into the gingerbread house....wonder who it was?

Evidence on the floor....

It was Baby Girl! She has "snow" (cornstarch) on her chin and her shirt...BUSTED! :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Homeschooling and Life: Nov. 18-Nov. 30, 2013

We had a good end to November and a great Thanksgiving. Now we are looking forward to Christmas. We will do school this week and then take our holiday break. Merry Christmas, everyone!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Homeschooling and Life: Nov.4-Nov. 15, 2013

Looks like I'm in a habit of blogging every two weeks as opposed to one now. We've had a pretty good couple of weeks. Bug is currently learning about George Washington Carver, Theodore Roosevelt, and the story behind the first Thanksgiving. Doodles learned about Christianity last week (which of course she already knows a great deal about), and this week and next she is learning about Islam. Baby Girl is continuing to work on communication skills, enjoying "circle time," writing lines on the dry erase board, playing outside, putting shapes in containers, and making lots of messes as her curiosity is wide open. We are all LOVING the cooler weather and looking forward to the holidays. Here are some snapshots of the first half of November in our lives:

Signs of fall on our nature walk through the neighborhood-changing colors of leaves

Leaves changing colors

More fall colors

Ants moved very slowly-it was COLD!!!

Photo that Doodles took for a contest

Bug's sketching and writing of things he observed during our walk

Birds we see at the feeder-list and choice of one to sketch (Doodles)

Bug's work on the above assignment

Bug worked on diameter, radius, and circumference in math

Doodles' current reading books (studying Islam)

Two of Bug's current reading books

Another of Bug's current books

Doodles sketch and labels for "Under the Sea" (Oak Meadow 6 Science)

Frog in our backyard

Another pic of the frog

Yellow jacket on the window

Doodles' writing about earthworms

Doodles' writing about jellyfish

Doodles wrote a paper about Catholicism

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Homeschooling, Life, and Halloween: Oct. 21-Oct. 31, 2013

I didn't post last weekend. It's been even busier than usual around here! I will let the pictures tell the story:

Lighthouse craft project that we did in my Five in a Row co-op class

Little squirrel friend that visits our dining room window sill

Baby Girl's painting

Doodle's painting

Bug's painting

Report and project that Doodles did on El Dia de los Muertos for Spanish class

Another view of Doodles' project


Paper Doodles wrote from the perspective of a wolf

Paper Doodles typed about the public baths used by the ancient Romans

Paper that Bug wrote about the invention of video games

Doodles and Bug made Halloween cookies. Here they roll and cut the dough into shapes.

Final results

Bug and Baby Girl "wrestle."

Bug is almost as tall as I am!

Sweet little flower fairy

My little fairy

Another pic of my sweet Baby Girl

Cutest fairy ever!

Little flower fairy angel :)

The little fairy is chilling out!

Baby Girl's Jack-O-Lantern painting

Doodles' painting of candy in a bowl

Bug's pumpkin painting

Bug caught this doodlebug and then released it.

Baby Girl claps with Doodles


Sunrise on my street

Here we are on Halloween night! We are professional wrestlers: Baby Girl is Gail Kim, Doodles is Jeff Hardy, Hubby is Hulk Hogan, Bug is A.J. Styles, and I am the Icon Sting. We had a blast!

Hulk and Sting

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