Friday, November 15, 2013

Homeschooling and Life: Nov.4-Nov. 15, 2013

Looks like I'm in a habit of blogging every two weeks as opposed to one now. We've had a pretty good couple of weeks. Bug is currently learning about George Washington Carver, Theodore Roosevelt, and the story behind the first Thanksgiving. Doodles learned about Christianity last week (which of course she already knows a great deal about), and this week and next she is learning about Islam. Baby Girl is continuing to work on communication skills, enjoying "circle time," writing lines on the dry erase board, playing outside, putting shapes in containers, and making lots of messes as her curiosity is wide open. We are all LOVING the cooler weather and looking forward to the holidays. Here are some snapshots of the first half of November in our lives:

Signs of fall on our nature walk through the neighborhood-changing colors of leaves

Leaves changing colors

More fall colors

Ants moved very slowly-it was COLD!!!

Photo that Doodles took for a contest

Bug's sketching and writing of things he observed during our walk

Birds we see at the feeder-list and choice of one to sketch (Doodles)

Bug's work on the above assignment

Bug worked on diameter, radius, and circumference in math

Doodles' current reading books (studying Islam)

Two of Bug's current reading books

Another of Bug's current books

Doodles sketch and labels for "Under the Sea" (Oak Meadow 6 Science)

Frog in our backyard

Another pic of the frog

Yellow jacket on the window

Doodles' writing about earthworms

Doodles' writing about jellyfish

Doodles wrote a paper about Catholicism

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Cara said...

I love all your nature walk photos! We had to give up on nature walks a couple weeks back when they turned into a non-stop chorus of "I'm c-c-c-cooooollld!" Glad you've still got nice weather.

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