Saturday, August 9, 2014

Baby Girl's Homeschooling

We are happily moving through Sonlight's P3/4 package at a slow pace. Due to Baby Girl's needs, we spend a long time on one book before moving to the next. As we read through Goodnight Moon, we completed a lapbook. I had to do hand-over-hand with Baby Girl to cut out the pieces. At first she detested cutting with her scissors, but after a while, she began to LOVE it! She would smile and laugh. It is such a blessing to see her making progress and enjoying her school time. This week we moved to another book: Guess How Much I Love You. We are still working on hand-over-hand cutting. I am hoping that one day she will be able to cut by herself. Also, we read one Bible story each day. I know Baby Girl doesn't really understand the stories, but it's still a wonderful bonding time for us and also a way for her to hear The Word. Here's a look at what school looks like for her:

I found the lapbook here.

Inside of lapbook

Our current book

Cutting out and learning shapes

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