Friday, January 6, 2012

Creative Writing

One feature of Sonlight's Language Arts program is creative writing assignments. Today's assignment involved looking at a "story starter" picture (included in the Sonlight Instructor's Guide) and writing a story to go with it. The picture featured a mountainside scene in which there was a horse-drawn carriage, with one man driving and another hanging on for dear life. Doodles wrote a really imaginative story, complete with "old west lingo." I credit Sonlight's program for bringing out this creativity in my daughter. With the combination of read-alouds, readers, and language arts instruction provided in the Sonlight program, she really flourishes! Here is her story:

The Desert Detective

Once there was a rough and tough detective; now he wouldn't ever tell anyone his name. He was just called the "Desert Detective." But, you must know that he can never, ever, ever lose his hat. He was born with it on, and he never leaves it. He lived in the dry,dry west. His home was surrounded by many-a-mountains. He lived in his old log cabin.

Most of the time it was quiet 'round the ole west, but not when the ole Professor Tumble-weed was 'round. He was always up to no good. But, this time, well, shoo', he really did it good. He captured Lady Angelica, the Love of Mr. Desert Detective's heart. Soon, the Sheriff came 'round and told the Desert Detective. "Why, sir, we had just came round the ole curb and had done saw Professor Tumble-weed carrying off ole Lady Angelica. We had done took a couple shots, den he ran right up de brook and got away."

Now, when de Sheriff had done told de story Mr. Desert Detective ran right on by the Sheriff. When Mr. Desert Detective got round de corner he saw up on de mountainside Professor Tumble-weed, who had poor ole Lady Angelica. He was whoopin' and hollerin', and he was drivin' ole Lady Angelica's carriage. "Help me!" shouted Lady Angelica.

So, well, the ole detective ran right up that mountainside and jumped right on the ole carriage. The wind blew him up and down, round and round. But no matter how hard de wind blew, he held tight to his ole brown hat. Soon as the Professor reached the top of de mountainside, he was trapped. Lady Angelica jumped out of the carriage and ran all the way down the mountain to the Sheriff. "Shoo woman, you are faster than them horses there," the Sheriff chuckled.

Mr. Desert Detective placed his hat on his head, looked up at the professor, and then boom, in a split second, he was round the Professor with his ole handcuffs round his hands. "Shoo, blasted ye Desert Detective," snarled Professer Tumble-weed.

Then Lady Angelica and Mr. Desert Detective got married, and they lived happily ever after.


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