Saturday, August 9, 2014

Baby Girl's Homeschooling

We are happily moving through Sonlight's P3/4 package at a slow pace. Due to Baby Girl's needs, we spend a long time on one book before moving to the next. As we read through Goodnight Moon, we completed a lapbook. I had to do hand-over-hand with Baby Girl to cut out the pieces. At first she detested cutting with her scissors, but after a while, she began to LOVE it! She would smile and laugh. It is such a blessing to see her making progress and enjoying her school time. This week we moved to another book: Guess How Much I Love You. We are still working on hand-over-hand cutting. I am hoping that one day she will be able to cut by herself. Also, we read one Bible story each day. I know Baby Girl doesn't really understand the stories, but it's still a wonderful bonding time for us and also a way for her to hear The Word. Here's a look at what school looks like for her:

I found the lapbook here.

Inside of lapbook

Our current book

Cutting out and learning shapes

Versatility of a Pixie Cut

You know how some people think that pixies are a one-style only deal? Nope, not true! I have found several different things to do with mine. I am nine days into the pixie...and I still LOVE it! Here are a few ways I've mixed it up so far:

I can tuck it all behind my ears.

I can add a flower.

I can wear a headband.

Another view of the headband style

I can put a barrette in it.

Or I can leave it in the "typical" style.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

School and Life: Late June 2014

Doodles and Bug have been gone almost as much as they've been home lately. They went to the beach with my aunt. They are with her again today. They are enjoying summer break! For the rest of us, things have been a little more relaxed. We have our air conditioner back in working order, so that's GREAT news! Here's a look at the past several weeks:

Planning school for next year: some of Baby Girl's things here.

Happy Baby Girl hanging out in the kitchen while I cook.

Baby Girl waits to try a plum.

Baby Girl LOVES music!

Helping Daddy play the guitar.

Playing with Daddy on the mattress...when air conditioner was out.

New haircut!

Bug tries a plum...

I don't think he likes it...

Nope, definitely does NOT like it!

Doodles is studying Forensic Science this year.

She loves it!

Here are the books and the slides we are using for Forensic Science.

Doodles studies a slide.

Bug got in on the action, too.

Notes that Doodles took for science.

I found this skeleton of a gecko when I cleaned out my closet. Of course we took this as a Forensic Science opportunity and studied this little guy under the microscope.

New Haircut

I am taking baby steps to a pixie cut...maybe....LOL    I got this cut last week & I really like it. It feels good and my hair looks much healthier when it's shorter. It is also super easy and quick to fix. Just wash, condition, smooth on hair balm, dry, spray on straight iron heat protector, and straighten it a little. Done! And, believe me, when you have kids, especially when one has special needs, it's all about low maintenance hair that still looks cute.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Homeschooling and Life: May 18-June 7, 2014

We have had a good beginning to June, other than the fact that we are dealing with a broken air conditioner in our house right now...yep, since Tuesday. It's not a good thing, to say the least, in 90+ degree weather down here in the south. The good thing is that we do have a window unit and a (purchased yesterday) rolling unit, so we're all just hanging out together in the dining room/living room area. We are trying to make the best of it, but I am failing that a lot of the time! As for other things, we have done some winding down of most of our school subjects as we prepare for "school lite" for summer.  Here's a look at our recent life:

Bug helps Baby Girl on her iPad

I help Baby Girl cut with her safety scissors that came with her Sonlight package.

More cutting

Our first cutout! We found this lapbook here.

Bug enjoys the first book of  his summer reading: Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief.

Bug mixes ingredients in a blender to do a color mixing activity.

Color mixing time

This was cool and fun. I found the idea here.

Next we decided to make ice chalk.

Doodles wrote a paper about adrenaline.

She also created a totem for our family.

We got a jumpstart on next school year's Harry Potter unit study by planting some of the seeds for our carnivorous plants.

Doodles did my makeup...Cleopatra, anyone? 

Baby Girl gets some air! 
And this is how we sleep in the one room with air conditioning!