Friday, May 8, 2009

Kids in the Kitchen

Here's a Recipe for Fun!
Step 1: Brown ground beef-in this case, deer meat.

Step 2: Mix the cornbread.

Step 3: Pour water and taco seasoning in skillet with ground beef & stir.

Step 4: Make a mess & clean it up. LOL

Step 5: (Not pictured) Spread refried beans in bottom of dish. Put meat mixture on top of
beans. Then put shredded cheese on top of beans. Top with cornbread batter. Bake
until cornbread is done.

Step 6: Smile contentedly when you realize there will be enough left over for tomorrow night's


Christy said...

MMMMM, Sounds yummy, I'm going to add it to our menu!

Quick and easy too!

I was telling dh the recipe and he pops off with "add green chili's and olives, and you have tamale pie" LOL He's our chef, natural talent.. anyhow, Thank you!


Butterfly said...

Sounds Yummy! Thanks for sharing!

Tricia said...

I love seeing kids in the kitchen. AND I love "While I'm Waiting" and it sounds like you are about to be very blessed. I can't imagine the wait.

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