Thursday, January 6, 2011

Russian Studies

Today we read Peter and the Wolf and then watched a video, both of which I've linked in this post. I highly recommend the book, but the video was a little strange and contained some violence. Although animated, it was a little unnerving. First of all, the eyes of the characters were creepy. Secondly, the wolf clawed Peter in the face, and thirdly, the thing that I found most disturbing, one of the hunters pushed and shoved Peter and then threw him in a dumpster and pointed a gun in his face. So, as I stated, the book is great, but you should preview the video first and then decide if you think your children should watch it. I allowed my children--ages 7 and 10-- to watch the video, but we discussed the negative features and also bullying and gun safety. One more day in Russia, and then next week we're off to Romania!

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