Thursday, March 3, 2011

School...What We're Doing

Well, I know I haven't posted in a while...and I don't post as many school pictures as I used to...but most of them would look almost identical! They would be: our reading wonderful books together, working math pages, doing copywork, narration, & dictation, working on science experiments, taking nature walks & then recording observations, drawing, making collections, etc. from our nature walks, enjoying lively discussions about what we read......You get the idea. This is NOT to say we don't enjoy school, we DO! I guess I just don't see the need in taking as many pictures.

I have really been pleased with the fact that my children ("Doodles" & "Bug") & I can now discuss Shakespeare, Greek Mythology, & original fairy tales, as well as poetry by Robert Louis Stevenson & William Blake, and stories of heroes of the Christian faith in Trial and Triumph, just to name a few of the selections from our current Ambleside Online years.

"Baby Girl" is playing & learning with ideas & information I found in The New Language of Toys and  from this website: . She is also enjoying our composer study. This term we're studying Beethoven, and this is Baby Girl's favorite: Beethoven's 5th Symphony .  As a matter of fact, she hums it on & off all day long!

So, is this all to say that each day is fabulous? And that we never have any problems with attitudes, laziness,  & disobedience? HA, I wish!!! We all have our bad days, but in this post, I'm choosing to focus on the good things. :)


Rita and John said...

I love that your sweet little girl is humming Beethoven's Fifth!

Johanna said...

Sounds wonderful! Can we come to your house for homeschool too?! Lol. We also "love" the missionary stories inspiring!

redkitchen said...

Rita-it is so cute. :)

Johanna-Sure, come on over & join us!

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