Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sonlight Science

We are really enjoying Sonlight Science. Bug is currently studying the ocean, fish, and water. Doodles is now studying the skeletal system as part of this year's human anatomy. We are all learning a lot!

Bug tests the absorbency of certain materials

Doodles works on her "skeleton man" project

Completed skeleton man

Dad, who works in the medical field, explains the skeletal system in more detail :)


Luke said...

So glad you are enjoying Sonlight's Science program! It is nice when we get to experience an "insider's" perspective and learn from their experience in fields like medicine [smile].

Keep up the great work!


redkitchen said...

Thank you & your family, Luke, for all your hard work! It speaks volumes when my children say that they LOVE history & science. Sonlight is definitely a wonderful fit for our family!

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