Friday, March 2, 2012

Homeschooling: Week of Feb. 27, 2012

Well, this week has not been the best. Baby Girl did not feel well, so I didn't do any official schooling with her. I managed to do school with Doodles and Bugs, though, with Baby Girl in my lap pretty much the entire time. She went to the doctor and has some medicine now, so hopefully she will be completely well soon!
Impromptu nature study: camelia

Spending some time outside with Baby Girl

Science: which cloth will dry faster?

More science #1: Adding salt to warm water & then tasting it...salty!

More science #2: Allowing the water to evaporate onto the bag & then tasting the water droplets. Does it taste salty?

Even more Science: Making colored sugar crystals


Rita and John said...

Aww...hope your baby girl is feeling much better soon! I love watching your children learn and grow!

Johanna said...

Hey! Looks fun! What science do u do???

redkitchen said...

Great to hear from you, Rita!

Johanna, we use Sonlight science.

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