Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wedding Weekend

It's official...I am the mom of a married son now. I am thrilled to welcome our new "daughter" into the family. Here is a glimpse into our weekend:

The bride and groom a few night before the wedding...still kids! LOL

Baby Girl was right in the middle of things when the wedding flowers were delivered.

Bug helps his big brother (the groom) make wedding favors

My son, the groom, and me, the mom, before wedding rehearsal

Mother and sister of the groom

Time for wedding cake

First dance as husband and precious son and new "daughter" :)

Groom's table

Our newly expanded family

1 comment:

Rita and John said...

Congratulations! What beautiful photos! I especially love the family shot at the end. Many blessings on the happy young couple!

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