Saturday, January 26, 2013

Homeschooling: Jan. 21-26, 2013

School went pretty well this week, although there was some complaining by Doodles & Bug...but I nipped it in the bud! The hardest part of this week was meltdowns from Baby Girl; the doctor changed one of her medications in hopes that it would help her sleep at night, but it didn't. Plus, taking her off the "old" medication has really thrown her for a loop. So, we have opted to bring back the "old" medication and do away with the new. I'd rather have sleep deprivation than constant daily meltdowns anyway! I am praying (and would appreciate yours as well) that once Baby Girl gets back to a therapeutic level of her medication that the meltdowns will subside again. I can honestly say that raising a special needs child is both the greatest challenge I've ever faced, as well as the greatest blessing I could ever receive. I did manage to capture a good moment of Baby Girl's this week, as you'll see below. Also, we managed to get a lot of school accomplished, in spite of the difficulty. So here's a peak at our week:

Baby Girl's "nature study." She is exploring crunchy, brown leaves. Since she is visually impaired, I always encourage her to explore with her other senses.

Treat of the Week

Bug read about Pomona as part of his Narnia unit study

OK...I am SO EXCITED to have received this book. It was a special book that my mom read to me & my little sister every Christmas Eve when we were growing up. It is hard to find, and I've had it on my Paperback Swap Wishlist for years. Well, finally, it become available & now I have it. Yay!!!!!!

Bug read about Sherlock Holmes and how he uses logic to solve mysteries. Then Bug wrote about four logical points that Peter made in Prince Caspian.

Bug does online research for his Narnia unit study

Bug read about the War of the Roses as part of his Narnia unit study

And, honestly, I *didn't* even know what the War of the Roses was actually about, even though I'd heard of it. Now I can tell you all about it! The beauty of homeschooling: Mom learns, too!

Bug also read about badgers, and....

completed this worksheet.

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Rita and John said...

We are keeping you and your Baby Girl in our prayers! And I remember that Littlest Snowman book! What fun. :) Hope you have another good week with your beautiful family.

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