Sunday, April 27, 2014

Homeschool and Life: April 14-27, 2014

We had a good couple of weeks. I ordered new school stuff for Baby Girl. She is now using Sonlight P3/4. I am going to stretch it out over several years with her until she's ready for P4/5. Bug and Doodles are working on wrapping up their studies. Here's a peek at our last couple of weeks:

Sonlight P3/4, doesn't it look beautiful all spread out on MY dining room table? :)

And it looks wonderful sitting on MY shelf!

I'm also reading this book to Baby Girl.

Bug read this book to learn about colonial times.

We studied The Voyage of Life series of  paintings for art study this week.

Doodles and I made a pendulum for science.

Doodles sketched this diagram of the digestive system.

Bug kept a schedule of food he ate for a week and placed it in appropriate categories.

Bug found this grasshopper on our front porch.

Doodles sketched this weed "Leonardo da Vinci" style.


Luke Holzmann said...

Happy Box Day! May you enjoy all those books and stories in the months to come.


redkitchen said...

Thank you, Luke. We are loving the books and the sweet cuddle time already.

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