Friday, July 7, 2017

Five Fun Fridays: Week Two (Hair)

Thank you to all who joined me for Week One! If you missed that post in which I discussed my makeup and skincare routine, you can catch up here. Okay, so, this week I'm talking (or I guess I should say writing) about hair. Let me start by directing you to a tutorial that I wrote recently. Here I give details about how I style and care for my pixie, and I also discuss which products I use. Go there first; then come back here.

Now that you're back, we'll get into some more details. As I'm getting older, I am starting to deal with some white hairs appearing every now and then. Say what?!?! Well, I'm not quite ready for that to happen, so I'm dealing with it by coloring my hair. I do it myself. I use a variety of brands, but my favorites are Madison ReedL'Oreal Superior Preference, and this, which is included in the giveaway! So, yes, if  you win, you get a chance to try out being an auburn-haired beauty. FIRST, though, you MUST be sure to perform the allergy test! That's very important. The directions are included in the box. Read everything COMPLETELY AND CAREFULLY, and then follow ALL instructions exactly as written.

Now, moving on. In addition to the shampoo & conditioner that I mentioned in my tutorial -which, by the way, are included in the giveaway- I also use a color-depositing shampoo & conditioner set sometimes as well. I like this brand. My red hair stays vibrant longer with these products, so I don't have to color as often, which is nice. That takes care of color, so let's go on to my cut & style.

You may suffer from the delusion that a pixie cut is boring. Well, let me put that misconception to rest. There are so many different ways to wear a pixie cut. You can find some inspiration here, or you can just keep reading to see some of the different things that I do with my pixie.

The three above pictures feature my pixie in a slightly messy style.

The two above pictures feature my pixie in a wavy, wild style.

Sometimes I accessorize with a hat.

Beaded black headbands are fun.

A flower adds a pretty, feminine touch.

Lacy headbands are delicate and flirty, and there are two in the giveaway set!!! 

As I mentioned in the tutorial, I use some volumizing products for my hair, and a travel-sized mousse and volumizing foam from Nexxus is included as part of the giveaway! It's just one of many truly awesome products that I am giving away. You don't want to miss a minute of this series! Come back next Friday to read about my preferences in fashion and my style and to increase your chances of winning the giveaway. The more you comment and share, the greater your chances are of winning! In order to win, you can do any one or combination of the following:

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Susanne Stewart said...

Pixie cuts are such a fun hairstyle! I am a former stylist and used to get requests for that style all the time. It is great that the color turned out so well for you. But, it won't turn out like that for everyone. It isn't as easy as just putting on the color depending on how light or dark your hair is. Red looks wonderful on you!

Tiffany Staples said...

How cute! I love the different ways to style a pixie. It's always a plus to add some extra volume too!

redkitchen said...

Thanks! Susanne, you're right. I already have red hair, so it's easy for me to rock my red color.

Tiffany, thank you. I really do enjoy trying different styles with my pixie.

Jordan D'Amico said...

That's such a cute hairstyle!

Steph Cruz said...

You're pixie cut is stirring some hairstyle envy! Wish I can rock it like you do! Summer makes me want to cut all my hair off but I never had the confidence to show my neck for some reason. Love your tutorial love! Keep them coming! <3

Luci Coo said...

Really love that red lipstick that you have one. It looks great on you.

redkitchen said...

Jordan, thank you!

Steph, I'm sure you could rock a pixie! You should try it. I was scared at first, too, but I decided to take a chance. Now I'm so glad I did!

Luci, thank you. It's EZ from the Urban Decay Vice Collection.

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