Sunday, February 12, 2012

Parenting a Visually Impaired Child

Well, it's a roller coaster ride most of the time. Sometimes it's exhilarating, such as when Baby Girl finds and picks up small items, or when she discovers a favorite toy under the table or a chair and grabs it, or when she slides beads or writes on her dry erase board, just to mention a few moments that make us smile. At other times, it feels like a daunting challenge...wondering what the future holds for her, wondering if she will be able to read large print at all, or if she will read Braille only. What's a mom to do? Well, first of all, pray and trust God with the future. Only He knows what is to come; and He certainly knows the plans He has for Baby Girl's life. The second thing: learn Braille. Yep, that's right. And that is what I am currently doing, thanks to the Hadley School for the Blind. So, I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks! That is, if she is willing to learn. I am definitely willing, as I am not only Baby Girl's mother, but also her teacher. Plus, I feel empowered when I take on the things that challenge me most and the things that I fear. I also discovered this company, which has inexpensive Braille books for children. With today's technology and internet, you can find almost anything you set out to find. So, if you're out there, having doubts about the future, or fears about teaching your child(ren) with special needs, first you should cast all your cares and worries on the One who loves you and your children the most and commit all your works to Him. Then ask God to lead you to the best sources that will help you educate yourself so you can teach your child(ren.) He holds all of eternity and sees all that is to come. Ask, and He will answer. Just be prepared for the unexpected! Really, if someone had told me three years ago that I'd be learning Braille today, I would have thought they were crazy. Yet, here I am, taking on this challenge. With God's grace, I will be successful and will be able to teach it to Baby Girl. After all, He placed her in our family, just like He placed your child(ren) in your family. So, get moving in the direction He has for you!

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Erin J said...

It's nice to "meet" you through the blogosphere. :) Our newly adopted 3yo daughter is blind also, so what you described in this post could have been about our family too. Every day is such an adventure! Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful day.

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