Saturday, October 20, 2012

Homeschooling & Life: Oct. 15-19, 2012

Well, full disclosure here: we made it through the week-enough said. With preteen attitude, some meltdowns from Baby Girl, doctors' appointments, and some other matters, I'm just glad to see the weekend. Now, here are some good things from our week that I'd like to recall. Everything else I'd like to just forget!

We took a much needed one-day break.

"If you're happy and you know it...."
When this little girl is happy, it lights up my world!

Bug hams it up a little to have some fun.

My preteen, Doodles, during a good attitude moment.

Baby Girl is already ready for Christmas. She fell in love with this toy at the store-it plays "Low Rider." I couldn't resist buying it for her. She also happens to be wearing last year's Christmas pajamas, too!

Bug's writing and sketching for his Narnia unit study

Thrush drawn by Bug as part of his Narnia unit study

Kingfisher drawn by Bug, also for his Narnia unit study

Doodles' report on explorers who went to Japan

A reason to celebrate: Doodles failed this Latin test a couple of weeks ago, but she worked very hard & studied & retook it...and made an A!

Doodles' science work



Rita and John said... that your Baby Girl is ready for Christmas already. Hope next week is a better week for everyone!

Johanna said...

oh boy, can I EVER relate!!!LOL..glad you were able to reflect and document the "good stuff" cause its those moments that give us the "push" to press on! :)

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