Saturday, April 13, 2013

Homeschooling and Life: Week of April 8-13, 2013

   I could also call this blog post The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. We have had some of each this week. Baby Girl has been very clingy and having meltdowns when I can't hold her. That makes it very difficult to teach, to eat, to cook, to go to the bathroom...well, you get the picture. Also, Doodles has not been very motivated to do her work this week, and Bug has been tired a lot. And I have been angry, frustrated, disappointed, overwhelmed, and stressed. It's been hard, folks. I know my blog is called "Walking by Faith," but that is easy to say and hard to do sometimes. So often, especially this past week, I feel so inadequate to parent my children, especially Baby Girl. But tonight, at my book club meeting, I was reminded that, in God's strength, I am more than adequate. He chose me to parent each of my children, including Baby Girl. I know I need to remember that and trust Him. My prayer is that I will, especially when it gets hard. I also know that my feelings trickle down to my children, so I am trying to find ways to refresh and reenergize myself. This blog is one way I do that, along with attending bi-weekly book club meetings and enjoying candlelit baths everytime I get a chance. Also, tomorrow is my birthday...and I told hubby and the kiddos that I want to be treated like a queen. I want:
1. breakfast in bed.
2. both lunch and dinner served to me.
3. I will NOT be cooking or cleaning up after said meals.
4. I will NOT do laundry.
5. I will NOT mediate any disagreements.
That's it...I will be royalty tomorrow. It's my one day of the year, and I will live it to the fullest. :)
   Also, in the light of being truthful in blogging, I am going to show you the messiest areas of my house. My family has a knack for letting things pile up. Maybe some of you can provide creative solutions. I just keep getting angry at them, which is NOT helping at all. Thanks!

Treat of the week

Doodles working on her painting

Bug working on his painting

Doodles' wet on wet painting this week: the burning bush

Bug's wet on wet painting this week: the Dawn Treader (Chronicles of Narnia) sails into the Darkness

Baby Girl's wet on wet painting: just strokes

Baby Girl enjoys her pool now that the weather is warm

Baby Girl crashes on the couch

Our spring nature table...we'll add to it each week

Doodles is studying India, so she wrote a letter as a member of the Kshatriya caste.

Doodles sketched this picture of Ganesha, a Hindu god.

This is a leaf rubbing that Doodles did

This is a science project that Doodles did to learn more about the leaves of plants.

Another science project for Doodles to learn more about leaves...

and this is the result.

Nature scene in our backyard photographed by Doodles

Baby Girl's lunch: she has a new habit of throwing her food and dishes. And goofy me...I gave her a glass plate. What was I thinking?!?

Kitchen counter clutter...aargghh!!!

More kitchen counter clutter

Computer room clutter...but the milk jug is a bird feeder!!! We don't keep milk out of the fridge. ;)

Piano, covered in school papers and someone's (hmm...Doodles') jacket

Coffee table  pileup...and the TV tray that shouldn't be in my living room (but it does have my stuff on it, oops)

Entertainment center, aka the snack bar?

Ending on a happy note, this is a really fun book that Bug and I used to learn about constellations as part of his Narnia unit study


Abbie Steffensen said...

I can relate to the clutter and the stress. I hope you birthday is blessed and you are able to start a new week refreshed. ;)

Rita and John said...

Oh, I don't know that book, and it looks like it's by the Curious George author! I'm sorry you had a challenging week. And my kitchen counter looks more chaotic than yours. ;) I hope you get some good suggestions!

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