Friday, May 31, 2013

WHAT?!? No coffee?!?

  First of all, yes, I labeled this post as "2013 Fun." Why? Because my life would be LOTS more fun without migraines. I've suffered with them for 20 years. I've taken preventive medications, both of which helped, but one made me gain about 20 it HAD to go. I still take the other. I also have two triptan medications to take when I get a migraine, but I just want to PREVENT them from ever occuring in the first place. So, off to research natural preventions I went. And what did I find? A gold mine, that's what. I've been praying and asking God to heal me of these dreaded, debilitating headaches, and I believe He answered.First, an online poster on a site I frequent recommended that I read  this book. Then I found this cookbook, which is helpful, but I'll have to tweak some for it to work for my low carb lifestyle. I discovered this little jewel of a book as well. Now, you guessed it, relief comes at a price. I found out that certain foods trigger migraines, but I never thought they triggered mine. I thought it was just stress, heat, humidity, changes in weather, lack of sleep, or getting off schedule in my meals. Now, while these certainly are factors, there is a migraine "threshold." So, according to the author of Heal Your Headache, you greatly reduce your chances of getting a migraine if you remove dietary triggers. Then the other factors that you cannot control can still occur but not put you over the threshold. If you want to know more, then I highly recommend his book. And, yes, I am having to give up coffee. Why? Because caffeine is the number one dietary trigger of migraines. Read his book-you'll see the science behind it. Well, if you know me, you know I'm a JAVA JUNKIE. But, I have slowly tapered off my daily coffee intake, and will be completely off it by next Thursday. He recommends cold turkey, but that "ain't" happening here! I'd have to be in bed with a killer headache if I tried that, and this mama doesn't have that option. So I am slowly weaning off my caffeine fix. And, so far, praise God, no headaches as a result. It may be the baby steps I'm taking in tapering off, or it may be that I'm not eating/drinking other triggers, such as chocolate (yep, another of my faves is gone) and nuts/nut butter (yep, more faves.) I am just learning to embrace what I can eat, which are still some of my faves: blueberries, strawberries, cream cheese, most veggies and meats. And is it worth it? Oh, yeah, you'd better believe it! 
  Also, I have upped my exercise from 4 to 5 days a week, and from 30 to 45 minutes each day. I feel great! I am drinking LOTS of water, as dehydration is also a migraine trigger. I am also doing yoga for stress relief, as well as applying the principles I'm learning in this book given to me by a dear friend. I also take a high dose of Vitamin B-2 and magnesium daily.
  So, I am already feeling better. I am hoping that 2013 will be the year that I can finally kiss migraines good-bye or at least decrease their frequency and severity.

Oh, yeah!!! A low carb, migraine free pizza: low carb whole wheat tortilla, ricotta cheese, homemade Ragu sauce recipe from one of the books I bought, topped with fresh spinach leaves

Herbs my sweet hubby bought and planted for me

Books, DVD, and my new "coffee" - caffeine free herbal Chamomile tea

Treated myself to a movie and some eye makeup

All smiles! I am really feeling fabulous.


Rita and John said...

You have to give up coffee? Nooooooooo! Hoping everything helps you shake the migraines. How miserable for you!

redkitchen said...

Yes, it is sad to give up my elixir of life, LOL. But it's worth it to feel better!

Jean said...

Proud of you!

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