Sunday, June 30, 2013

Twilight Marathon Party

I hosted a Twilight Marathon Party this weekend. It was so much fun! We started Saturday morning and finished that night. We dressed as Twilight characters, watched all five movies, ate goodies, talked, laughed, and had a blast. Here are the pictures from our day of fun:

I hung a large Breaking Dawn poster above the piano and set the books out on the piano.

I typed book/movie quotes on white cardstock in either black or red print and then taped the white paper on black or red construction paper and placed them in random places throughout my house. I placed the board games on the piano bench.

I placed Illustrated Movie Companions and quotes on the coffee table.

I used white candles throughout the house, along with the quotes.

More white candles

Dining room table: black tablecloth, red and black paper and plastic products, low carb pasta (Dreamfields), "pale face vampire sauce" (Chicken Alfredo), and "Warm-blooded Ragu sauce" (Beef Ragu). An Italian dinner tied in nicely with Twilight since The Volturi reside in Italy. Also, you can see here that I decorated with red apples and candles.

Red candle, surrounded by black stones, and white tealights

Here I am as Alice Cullen: black hair spray, my regular foundation mixed with white face paint, lots of powder,  NO blush, pink lipstick, black eyeliner: light on bottom, a little heavier on top, gray eyeshadow, and black mascara.

Me as Alice Cullen, complete outfit: I already had the black leggings and bracelets. I got the dress, silver and black flats, and the choker at our local Goodwill store.

Here we have: Leah Clearwater, Alice Cullen, Sue Clearwater, another Alice Cullen, and Victoria.

These are the items I received for hosting a Dreamfields Taste & Tell party. It is low carb pasta, and it is GOOD! My family actually likes is just as much as "regular" pasta, and it is better for you.

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