Saturday, September 21, 2013

Homeschooling and Life: Sept. 16-21, 2013

We had a good week. Doodles is still studying ancient Greece. We have one more week to go-this coming week-and then we start her study of ancient Rome. Bug studied a variety of topics this week, and Baby Girl continued to work on communication skills, writing lines, putting shapes in a container, and she spent some time exploring and learning outdoors. In my Five in a Row class at co-op this week, we "rowed" The Story About Ping. We learned about China, and we studied ducks and buoyancy. We had a blast! Here are some of our highlights this week:

Activities from the FIAR co-op class I teach: paper plate duck, colored rice flag of China, and marshmallows that the kids ate using chopsticks

Doodles' painting

Bug's painting

Baby Girl's painting

Bug's Animal Olympics sheet
We researched and found out the fastest animal, slowest animal, best animal mother, worst animal mother, etc.
Bug studied animals as part of his unit study this week.

Bug read (or more accurately, re-read) some of Aesop's Fables this week.

Bug learned about several career choices for working with animals.

Bug used the internet to do research for his unit study

Bug researched sheep and listed the different breeds and some facts about sheep.

Bug studies for his first Latin test. He made a B!

Book that Bug is reading just for fun. He is studying Egypt as part of his unit study, and he is especially interested in mummies and pyramids.

Book that Bug and I used to learn about weather and climate

Bug and I used the internet to find out about the climates of different cities around the United States

Bug made graphs to illustrate what we learned about the climate in different cities.

Bug wrote his own fable about animals.

Bug wrote a paragraph comparing sheep to people.

We listened to the music of Mikhail Glinka, as he was our composer of the week.

Baby Girl's line writing practice


Mary said...

Off to check out - looks like a great week!

Adamant Academy said...

Looks like you guys had a full fun week!

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