Saturday, August 21, 2010

Homeschooling Year 2010-2011: Week 3...Off to the UK!!!

We had a blast studying the UK this week. We learned about the culture & geography, history and traditions, famous landmarks, and food of the people who live there. We finished our study with an English tea party, complete with a fun game enjoyed by the children there. Take a look at what we did:
Some of this week's books
Doodles' science notebook: sheep study
Bug's science notebook: sheep study

Welcome to the British Isles!

Doodles & Bug observe a pecan tree during nature study

Bark collected from our pecan tree

Pecan tree we're observing for our seasonal tree study

UK coloring & information pages

Word search using sheep related words

Postcards & stamps from our trip to the UK
Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated in the UK.

Doodles' report on the UK

We watched both Narnia movies since they correlated well with our study of England.

Doodles & Bug look closely at our pecan tree.

Leaves collected from our pecan tree

Bug's Nature Journal

Doodles' Nature Journal

Half timber houses from England

Doodles created Big Ben out of Baby Girl's bristle blocks.

Some of our resources from Winter Promise "Children Around the World."

I mix the dough for the scones.

Baby Girl gets in on the decorating fun.

Doodles works on Big Ben.
Bug cuts out the scones from the dough.

Doodles' Big Ben

Our table is set for the English tea party: fine china, tea, small sandwiches, tarts, & scones.

Bug is caught during our game of "Jack, Jack Shine Your Light." It's an English game of hide & seek played at night with flashlights.

Dad hides during the game.


Anonymous said...

What a F-U-N looking study of the UK y'all had!!! I love the sheep studies and the clock tower. And your English Tea Party food lookes so scrumptious!!

Rita and John said...

It makes me want to go back to elementary school! What fun for all of you!

mom@peace said...

I love the furry little sheep! And WOW what a spread! JEALOUS over here ;)

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