Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 2-Homeschooling Year 2010-2011

We had another wondeful week of learning. I am learning so many things myself. Take a look!
For this activity, Doodles and Bug had to list things for which they are thankful.

Science notebooks: listing some things we learned about spiders & illustrations.

Baby Girl enjoys playing with her flower & watering can.

Baby Girl's poetry books

Baby Girl's read-aloud book for the week

Some of Doodles & Bug's books for the week

Our fish

Baby Girl would rather take the top off her shape sorter than actually sort the shapes!

Our hermit crab
Ant nest we discovered on our nature walk

Roly polies caught during our nature walk

Spider web we found on our nature walk

Grub worm we found in our front yard

Spider spinning its web on Bug's bike

Doodles & Bug work on math

Caterpillar we found while taking our nature walk

Doodles & Bug label their map of Europe

Some of our books for the next few weeks (studying Europe)

Doodles puts the large Europe map together
I fill in a couple of things on our map of Europe

Bug looks at our map of Europe

Nature journals: Spiders

Flags of Europe

Spider caught in our house!

Baby Girl has discovered Bug's drums!
More about spiders in nature journals

Our map of Europe: countries, major cities, bodies of water, and landforms are labeled

Doodles takes a virtual tour of The Louvre for her report

Friday Night Cultural Gathering: "Communists & Capitalists" (The blocks represent the Berlin Wall)

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