Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baby Girl's School--Week 5

We continued our focus on the alphabet, with this week's main letter being "E." We sung the Alphabet Song, as well as a song about elephants--sung to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell (this song is part of our main spine Letter of the week.  Also... This site is where I got the idea for the Elephant E Activity. It is a great site, and it has lots of wonderful ideas. The other ideas are inspired by the Montessori method. For Baby Girl, at her current developmental level, everything that you see here was done "hand over hand," meaning that I gave her lots of help. Still, I know that she is learning and I enjoy working with her. We have lots of fun! Also, here is Baby Girl's schedule this year.

Stamp pad ABC's

Dry erase board--hung at Baby Girl's level--on which we practiced writing the letter E
Worksheet from our main spine: Letter of the Week-by Mailbox
Moon Sand-we write letters in this with our fingers
Whew! So worn out from all her hard work that she fell asleep on her pillow pet

Elephant E Activity

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RandiePandie said...

Yay, Baby Girl!!! What a great job you're doing! --And you too, Mom ;-D

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