Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Fun

We did something different in school today: an entire day devoted to pumpkin fun. We had a blast! Here are some pics from our pumpkin activities that we enjoyed. We also had fun tasting pumpkin and reading Five Little Pumpkins to Baby Girl.
Baby Girl weighs her pumpkin

Our pumpkin activity sheets

Measuring the circumference of Bug's pumpkin

Checking to see if our pumpkins sink or float

Glyph key (I got this idea here.)

Glyphs done by Baby Girl, Bug, & Doodles--look at the key posted in the previous picture, can you guess the identity of these "pumpkins?"

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MeeRan said...

Just discovered your blog. I love hearing about other homeschool families. I was homeschooled also and plan to homeschool once our little one is old enough. I also was adopted from Seoul and saw that you had a Holt button on your sidebar. I was adopted through Holt! Small world. Just wanted to say God bless you and your family!

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