Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tea Time

The original by Van Gogh

I've shared my inspiration for our weekly "Tea Time" before, but I just wanted to reshare it in this post. :)
This week we looked at a painting by Van Gogh titled: "Wheat Field Under Threatening Skies." Then Doodles, Bug, and I all tried our hand at repainting this masterpiece. We had a wonderful time with this project. I was fascinated by the fact that each of us noticed different things in this painting as we discussed it and prepared to paint our own version of it, as well as all starting at different points. For example, I started with the middle of the field, Doodles started at the left side of the field, and Bug started with the sky. This was really a natural, relaxed, and fun way to learn about art.

Bug's painting

Doodles' painting

My painting

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Jean said...

Very cool. I love VG's art. He, Degas & Monet are some of my faves. I love the Impressionists artwork, as evidenced by my copy of Monet's Water Lillies in my living room.

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