Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baby Girl's School Week: Jan. 2-Jan. 6, 2012

Baby Girl got several things for Christmas that have been very beneficial to her for school time. We had a great week, and she is really enjoying her new learning tools. Here are some of the highlights:

Baby Girl wants to sit on her table...uh-oh!

Baby Girl really loves her little table & chair. It is so much better for her to have furniture that is just her size. Of course, there are several times a day in which I have to remove her from the table...she likes to sit on it, too!

Baby Girl works on her activity, which develops her counting, sorting, identifying color and shape skills, as well as helps develop her hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

With my help, Baby Girl puts clothespins on an old wipes container, and then I help her take them off again. This helps to strengthen her pincer grasp.

Another use for the wipes container: we toss the bears in, counting them and identifying the colors as we go

Baby Girl is not much for moon sand, of course the reason could be that she grabbed a mouthful of it before I could stop her...not very tasty, I'd imagine!

I help Baby Girl learn about the letter "Q" using her iPad2. As you can see, big brother is interested as well. Big Sister took the picture.

Baby Girl's easel: dry erase side

Easel: Chalkboard side

Sit & Spin: great for vestibular stimulation and just plain fun!

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