Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baby Girl's Alphabet Chart

Thanks to a great idea from Baby Girl's vision therapist, I made this alphabet chart for her. I used black posterboard and bright pink letters so there would be a contrast of colors. This chart also serves as a "learning to spell your name" activity for Baby Girl. Her name is on the opposite side of the posterboard, so I can just flip it around to work on her name. I purchased all of the materials at our local Dollar General. Can't beat that!

This is the alphabet chart. The letters are 4 inch. They are like Post-It notes-sticky at the top only. So I glued them on the posterboard.

For the activity, Baby Girl matches a blue letter with its pink counterpart. As I stated above, the letters are sticky at the top, so the blue ones go on & off easily.


Rita and John said...

What a wonderful idea! This looks like fun for her. Our big boy would love it.

Greg and Amy said...

I love this. I think my youngest would benefit from it and I will do numbers on the other side.

redkitchen said...

Greg and Amy, a number chart is a great idea. I think I'll make one of those, too.

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