Saturday, August 24, 2013

Homeschooling and Life: Week of August 19-24, 2013

Well, this week was tough. There were bad attitudes, groundings, and a certain little baby girl who was into everything and making one mess after another. But, we survived and even managed to learn a lot this week. Here are the good moments that I captured:

Our nature table, set up for fall (hey, I know it's a month early, but I'm ready!)

Doodles' "square" to observe nature (for Oak Meadow Science 6.) This week she learned about classification of organisms.

Mushrooms we discovered in our backyard during group nature study

Evidence that squirrels abound in our yard!

Another mushroom we found during nature study

A "gentleman" bug as we call it, not really sure of what the proper name is. It has stripes instead of spots, so it can't be a "ladybug." ;)

Bug put a blade of grass in an anthill to observe the ants' behavior.

This is a photo of this week's "blue moon." It didn't really appear blue to us.

Bug found this snail during nature study time.

We found a cricket on our back porch.

We also discovered this centipede.

Bug found this beetle swimming in our dog's water bowl. We scooped it out after we took the pic, and it was safe and sound.

This spider weaved a lovely web right outside our dining room window.

Baby Girl's painting

Bug's painting of Egyptian pyramids (He is currently studying ancient Egypt)

Doodles painted "Mother Earth" and "The Sky" as part of her Greek Myth studies

Baby Girl splashed in the water that was left on her seesaw after a rainstorm

Baby Girl enjoys being outside

Baby Girl got in some time on the swing while Bug looked in the grass to see what he could find during nature study time

Book that Bug and I are reading as part of his study of pyramids

Bug built a pyramid out of MegaBlocks

Bug pours flour into a pot for homemade clay

Finished homemade clay

Pyramid that Bug built out of homemade clay

Paragraph that Doodles wrote about the lack of women's rights in ancient Athens, Greece

Poem that Doodles wrote about Paris' choosing which goddess should be awarded the Golden Apple

Book that we're using for composer studies

We listened to music by Robert Schumann on YouTube


Adamant Academy said...

Reminds me of my son with the bugs! I have nature all over the house!!

Mary said...

Love the nature table. Love the David Macaulay books!

redkitchen said...

Adamant Academy, my 10yo is a huge bug lover, hence his nickname "Bug." :) He loves to observe them and occasionally we'll keep one for a little while.

Mary, thank you. We really enjoy having our seasonal nature table. Also, we are enjoying the Pyramid book. We have Castle as well.

Mandy in TN said...

Enjoyed seeing your fall nature table, as I am also all too ready for fall!

redkitchen said...

Definitely! Fall is my favorite time of year.

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