Friday, August 16, 2013

New Homeschool Year: First Week, August 12-16, 2013

We started our new homeschool year this week. It is going very well. Of course there were a couple of times we had some issues, but nothing major. I think we are going to have a really great year. Here is what we're doing this year:

All of us: Bible (using The Weaver Curriculum Volume 2)
                Bible Study (using The Case For ______ For Kids books by Lee Strobel)
                Painting (watercolors)
                Artist, composer, and nature studies (using the schedule from Ambleside Online.)

Doodles: Oak Meadow Sixth Grade (Ancient Civilizations, English, Spelling, and Life Science)
               Saxon Math 8/7
               Spanish (Berlitz Essential Spanish, Barron's Painless Spanish, and Galore Park Spanish Book 1.)
              Homeschool co-op: P.E. and theater

Bug: Weaver Curriculum Volume 2 (Bible, Social Studies/History, Science, Lang. Arts, Health, Safety, Field Trip ideas, vocabulary, art, and memory verses.)
         Saxon Math 6/5
         Homeschool co-op: Literature and Science

Baby Girl: Oak Meadow Preschool
                  Wynstone's Kindergarten Series
                  A Child's Seasonal Treasury
                  Seven Times the Sun

Here are some snapshots from our first week:

Our summer nature table

Baby Girl's writing on her dry erase board

Baby Girl's painting

Baby Girl runs to her seesaw during nature study time

Baby Girl explores the grass

Doodles helps Baby Girl look at books on the CCTV

Bug's painting

One of Bugs books from this week (studying royalty)

Ancient Egypt Fun Kit that Bug is using as we study ancient Egypt

Bug has fun with a mask from his Ancient Egypt Fun Kit

King Tut

Queen Nefertiti

Poster from the fun kit

Bug drew and labeled three types of bacteria (science study as we discussed proper food handling and storage.)

Bug takes notes during nature study

We saw this spider outside on our windowsill

We found this mushroom

Bug's nature journal entry

This book is one that Bug and I are using as we study ancient Egypt.

The above book is an internet-linked book from Usborne. You go to the Usborne Quicklinks site and type in the page numbers for related internet sites. It is awesome!

A grasshopper that visited our dining room windows

Here Bug is building a pyramid on one of the Usborne internet-linked sites

Bug practices writing his Latin words for this week

Doodles' painting

Doodles' summary of the Greek myth Theseus

Doodles prepares a carrot, a potato, a green onion, and a piece of bread for science experiments

Doodles wrote about the gestation of three different animals for science studies

Doodles' sketch of Deadalus and Icharus from her Greek myths studies

Poem Doodles wrote to go with the above sketch

Doodles' nature journal entry

Bug helps me make cookies

Doodles does her part in making the cookies

First day of school letters that I wrote to each of the children

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Rita and John said...

Looks like so much fun! I hope you have a great home schooling year!

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