Saturday, September 14, 2013

Homeschooling and Life: Sept. 9-14, 2013

We had an overall good week, with some more "messy" exceptions...see pics below. We started a new year at our homeschool co-op on Monday. I am teaching Five in a Row to the K-2nd graders. This past week we "rowed" Night of the Moonjellies. You can check out my Pinterest board title FIAR Night of the Moonjellies for some of the things we did, as well as Homeschool Share. Bug is taking science and literature at co-op, Doodles is taking P.E. and theater, and Baby Girl is playing in the nursery. We are looking forward to a good year.

This week in school, Bug focused on shepherding and sheep, as well as survival in the wilderness. He also learned about animals and the importance of the Nile Rive. Since he is using a unit study, the topics he studies cover a broad range. I am really pleased with the way that this unit study, The Weaver Curriculum, starts with the Bible and then "weaves" in everything else. Doodles is still studying ancient Greece as part of Oak Meadow 6. She joins Bug and I for Bible Study using The Weaver. Oak Meadow is a great fit for her because of its arts focus. Baby Girl is continuing with her "Circle Time" and writing practice, as well as communication skills practice. She's also making lots of messes and turning everyday items into something fun! Here's a peek at our week:

I switched Baby Girl to autumn songs and verses, along with a pumpkin scented candle, to celebrate the arrival of the season. The books we use are A Child's Seasonal Treasury and Wynstone's Autumn.

Baby Girl loves to pull up the grass...

but sometimes she tries to eat it!

A package of toilet paper provided a place to hang out & have some Kool Aid...

and a place to rest...

and a place to fall! Don't worry, she wasn't hurt. She thought it was funny!

I helped Baby Girl paint.

This is Baby Girl's painting of grass.

Bug's painting-he was experimenting with color mixing.

Doodles' painting of a heart

Bug's coloring page about the Nile River

Bug uses a penny to look at a large, distant object in order to demonstrate perspective (part of one of our Bible lessons this week)

Great site that Bug and I read. It is an article about sheep and shepherds and their parallel to our relationship with Jesus.

Bug read about marsupials...


and took quizzes on each.

He also read about pygmy possums, one of the smallest mammals. This article is located here.

This is the smallest mammal in the world, also a part of the above listed article.

Bug uses the iPad for school often.

Bug's nature journal entry

Bug found this worm and then released it.

Mushrooms that Doodles is observing over the next two weeks as part of Oak Meadow 6 Science.

Another shot of Doodles' mushrooms, three days later

Another mushroom in our front yard

A moldy mushroom in our front yard

Doodles' sketch of one of "her" mushrooms

Doodles' nature journal entry

Doodles' paragraph about truffles

And the mess...Baby Girl tried to fix her own red Kool Aid!


Tonia said...

Looks like a good week! Nature study looks very fun.

Iris Rose said...


good to hear what you have been doing. really like the watercolour paintings. We made our own messes this week too, with hundreds of bean bag balls in our sensory tub going everywhere!


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