Sunday, September 21, 2014

Homeschooling and Life: September 8-21, 2014

We have had a good couple of weeks. We are working steadily and learning a lot. We are also still enjoying our new puppy. Here's a look at our recent life:

Baby Girl's ABC "work" to go with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

As part of our Harry Potter unit study, we learned about snow vs. sleet vs. freezing rain.

We read about Christmas traditions since they celebrated Christmas in The Sorcerer's Stone.

We also drank hot chocolate for our "Christmas" celebration.

Bug is studying earth science, and we looked at how the earth "bulges" at the equator.

Then we did this activity to see why it does.

Doodles wrote this paper about goblins for her "Care and Feeding of Magical Creatures" class in our Harry Potter study.

Bug is using this book for science.

Bug wrote his creature paper about unicorns.

Our composer for this month

Bug did this science activity to learn about earth's axis.

Bug is currently reading Book Four of the Percy Jackson series.

Clip art from one of Doodles' forensic science books

This is Bug's sketch of a unicorn for his research paper.

This is Doodles' "quick essay" comparing Voldemort to Satan.

Bug's eggs for a science activity to demonstrate earth's movement

We learned about squids as part of our Harry Potter study.

More about squids

We worked on logic puzzles as part of our Harry Potter unit.

Baby Girl's current reading book. We are really loving Sonlight P3/4.

Bug learned about circles in math this week.

He enjoyed using his compass.

We finished reading The Sorcerer's Stone and watched the movie. Then we enjoyed this delicious butterbeer!

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