Sunday, August 23, 2015

First Week of 2015 Homeschool Year: Aug. 17-21

We had a good start back to school. I can't believe Doodles is a high schooler now! Bug is in 7th grade. Baby Girl is continuing with her special needs curriculum. Our first week went well overall, but it is an adjustment. The workload has increased and gotten more challenging, which does bring a few complaints at times - but we will get used to it. Doodles is using this. American History is her favorite subject, so I think she will have a good year.  Bug is using this. He already loves it! Baby Girl uses a combination of things: this program.this onethis seriesthis book, and this program.  No, we don't do all of Baby Girl's programs in one day! We don't even do all of them in one week. I have an alternating schedule with her that is very flexible. I also alternate developmental skills lessons with her weekly. I stay in tune with what she is interested in during a particular time and make my choices based on that. Here's a look at our first week of this school year:

I know, I isn't autumn yet. I just feel like it is when we start back to school. So there.

Doodles enjoys doing her reading under a blanket on the couch.

Time for Biology.

Bug wrote a poem about himself for a Language Arts assignment.

Time for timed math drills again!

Bug uses the iPad to learn more about ancient history.

Science is awesome, especially if one wears a panda mask!

Bug is writing his lab report after completing an experiment.

It's time for another experiment.

Bug learned that atoms move faster in hot substances than in cold substances.

And one more experiment! This one involved two chemical reactions.

This is Baby Girl's current read-aloud.

Baby Girl's favorite class is music.

Well, actually, snack time is probably her most favorite class!

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