Sunday, March 26, 2017


After years of fear and procrastination, I am finally pursuing my writing career full time. I've had three articles published within the last seven years, but I've only worked on my writing part time until this month.  I'm now investing more time and energy into my passion. I've applied for several freelance writing jobs, and I am also in the preliminary stages of writing my first novel. Meanwhile, I wrote this poem earlier today. It speaks of the difficulty that I have in simply getting out of bed most days due to depression, and it also speaks about overcoming my anxiety by being brave enough to bare my soul to the world. Finally, this poem reminds me (and others) that it's worth the fight to get up and to keep going; it's worth the risk to follow your dreams. So, be courageous. Do what you're meant to do.


Morning arrives again
It’s time to awake
Getting out of the bed
Is so hard to take

To face another day
Such a daunting task
Put on my best brave face
Wear a cheerful mask

I want to remain there
In my safe cocoon
Hating the morning sun
Longing for the moon

Like a caterpillar           
Leaves behind the known
I, too, must leave comfort
Strike out on my own

How will I ever know
How high I can fly
If I don’t spread my wings

-J. Smith; March 26, 2017

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