Friday, June 11, 2010

So Long Insecurity--Be Brave. Ladies

Continuing from my previous post.....where are the rest of the brave ladies? I'm still looking for comments about what insecurities you struggle with. Come on, you can do it! Be courageous. Share your struggles!


Meohmy said...

Hey Jennifer, this is Miranda. I tried posting with my name but it wouldn't let me for some reason. I forgot that I signed up for an account using this name a long time ago ;-P

Ok, so here goes...

-Body image and over-all nutritional health; at the rate I'm going, will I be around for my grandchildren? My diet and health always seem to take the back burner.
-Fear (in general)--fear of man, fear of the future, fear for my kids and what they may face, fear of anyone truly knowing the real me b/c if they did, they may not like me anymore --I think I'm beginning to cross over the threshold of this though, Praise God!!
-Am I serving God to the best of my ability and is He angry at me b/c I know that I'm not? In my heart, I know He's not mad at me but it's hard to not walk by those pesky "feelings" lol
-Am I a good mother/wife? No, wait, let me go further than that...Have I ruined my kids/marriage because of all of my failings and mistakes -not the accidental ones either but the ones made from my own selfish choices. This should really be # 1 on the list.

I know the Truth in contrast to all of these insecurities but these are the main ones I've struggled with.

redkitchen said...

Thank you for sharing, Miranda. I'm praying for you as you prepare to give your testimony tomorrow. I know that God will use you to bless each lady in that room, just like you've blessed me.:)

Meohmy said...

Thank you SOOO MUCH!!! You have no idea how much your prayers mean to me, Jennifer --they are so valuable!! I'm really excited -and little scared too- but mostly exicted! I am so blessed to have you as a friend and as a sister in Christ :-D

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