Friday, October 8, 2010

Really Goofy Bird

Handbook of Nature Study
As I've mentioned before, we are doing nature study this year. As part of this study, we take at least two nature walks each week. During one of our walks this week, we came upon this: a woodpecker attempting to find insects in the telephone line. Watch & laugh! Oh, we use The Handbook of Nature Study as a guide. It's terrific!


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

That is one confused woodpecker. We also have a woodpecker on the utility pole across from our house, or rather two of them. One sits on top and the other pecks on the side but at least it is on the wood. :)

We have yet to capture them in the act but I will try to get it and post it on my blog.

Thanks for sharing.

RandiePandie said...

Oh my goodness --what a gooney bird! lol Is that part that he's pecking on wood?

redkitchen said...

I'm glad to share it, Barb. A HUGE thank you for all you share on your blog.

RandiePandie, NO, it's not wood. It's plastic! LOL

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