Sunday, October 10, 2010

Homeschooling: Week 8--France...Ooh La La, Plus Fabulous Nature Walks

We had a blast "traveling" to France this week. We read several great books, baked a delicious French apple tart, learned some French words, and topped it all off with a Parisian Fashion Show. Then, during our nature walks, we saw so many interesting things: spider webs, spiders, butterflies, birds, squirrels, "pretty" weeds, lots of trees, acorns, pecans, a Christmas tree farm (yes, I had to stop & take a whiff of a tree), an abandoned bird nest--which we brought inside to study, cows, and even six deer. We also read about trees & discussed how water travels from their roots to their leaves. We learned more about this process with an experiment involving celery and colored water. Baby Girl practiced "playing" her piano and listened to her Wee Sing CD. I also read a few books to her.  She really enjoyed her time outdoors, too...even though she was bitten by a mosquito and lost her glasses during one of our nature walks. All in all, it was a great week! 


RandiePandie said...

Well, I must say --you ladies do look so very tres, tres, chic!! Jen, you are looking amazing, girl! :-D

Oooooh...France looks so exciting! We'll be starting our study of France tomorrow and I can't wait!

mom@peace said...

Beautiful pics of the great outdoors (I esp love the bee balm flowers, we have only a few of them). And you ladies look deee-vine! Jen, love the red/orange dress. Gotta see that out & about sometime.

Duchess of Lanier said...

Christmas trees, spider lilies, and a bird's nest?! Great walk!

Hey, do you have to "do anything" to a bird's nest to bring it inside, or were our parents trying to scare us into leaving them alone by saying they had "redbugs" in them?!

who believed everything my parents said ;)

Happy Fall!

redkitchen said...

Thanks, ladies. We had a great learning adventure!

Trena--great to hear from you again.:) We didn't "do" anything to the bird's nest, but we wash our hands thoroughly after handling it b/c it probably does contain bacteria, etc.

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