Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Homeschool Bargains

Wow, I found some great things for Baby Girl's schooling at Target today...most of which came from the dollar section! The only items that did not come from the dollar section were the miniature pink broom & dustpan, but they were only around $5 total. The dollar items I found were: foam blocks, alphabet & number stamps & colored ink pads, magnetic letters & numbers, and a squishy ball. I'd love to post pictures, but my camera is broken. Now I'm on the hunt to find a bargain on digital cameras!


Rita and John said...

How exciting! Good luck finding a new camera. I just had to get a new one myself, but I had trouble finding anything at a good price.

Melissa said...

Oh fun stuff. I was just at Target and think I saw the stamping stuff you were talking about.
My Grandmother used to get stamps from flea markets, she sent us a slew of them so the kids and I stamp once a week. Yesterday we made get well cards with them. I think we also have number stamps in there too. I love the stamping LOL.

Curious how you plan to set up your new schooling? You may have said already and I missed it. Are you doing like learning baskets set up around the house, etc? How are you going to approach math for her Montessori-like? Please share : ) I look forward to hearing how it all comes together : )

redkitchen said...

Melissa, I'm just starting out & still learning as I go, so I hope I can explain things well-LOL. I do have baskets set up around the house. They are: dress-up, sensory, alphabet & number stamping, magnetic alphabet & numbers, alphabet modeling clay, sandpaper letters & numbers, & shapes, and counting bears. For math, I have the previously mentioned sandpaper shapes & also shape sorting activities. I also have a mini broom & dustpan set for Baby Girl so she can help "clean." I can't wait until I get another camera so I can take pics of everything!

Anonymous said...

I love reading about "Baby Girl's" homeschooling :)

Praying that God leads you to a great deal on a camera :)

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