Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Thoughts on "Baby Girl's" Homeschool Style

Wow, she worked so hard during school that she's exhausted!

I'm now planning to use a combination of Charlotte Mason & Montessori for Baby Girl's preschool. The more I read about the Montessori method, the more I think it will be a great fit for Baby Girl, especially considering her vision impairment and developmental delays. I've been reading several blogs and sites about Montessori homeschooling, and I'm going shopping today for a few Montessori-inspired items for Baby Girl's schooling. Also, I've got some books on this teaching method on the way. I'm looking forward to getting started on this new adventure!

1 comment:

Rita and John said...

Oh, what a beautiful little girl she is! Can't believe how big she looks here. :)


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