Monday, August 22, 2011

Water Play

Baby Girl really loves her "water play" time, as you can see from this video and the pictures below. Next week I'm going to add some small items to the bucket of water and have her "fish" them out in order to work on fine motor skills. Can't wait for her to try it! Remember to scroll to the bottom of the blog and stop the playlist so you can hear the video.

Baby Girl has such a good time with water play. Look at that smile!

Baby Girl gets ready to play in the water

Time to practice pouring and get wet

Both hands in the water-FUN!

Face in the water. She loves it! :)

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Kylie said...

Thanks for joining my site (parentinginthemoment.blogspot) I took a look around yours too! It looks like your little one had a blast playing in the water! Wheels loves water play too!

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