Saturday, September 1, 2012

Beginning of Homeschool Year: 2012-2013

Thanks to another homeschool mom, I've introduced a "Treat-a-Week- Plan :)

Books that Bug & I used as a science study from the activities in Further Up and Further In

Bug plays an online game about the food chain, also part of his Further Up and Further In studies

Bug's food chain: flower to insect to frog to heron

Bug's memory verse

Bug reads about sound waves as part of his Further Up and Further In studies

More Further Up and Further In activities: Bug read & wrote about the birth and death of a star

Doodles watches an online video about making tissue paper flowers for a project as part of her Sonlight Core F studies

Memory Verses for Doodles

Part of Doodles' Bible study on world view

More of Doodles' Bible study

Doodles' Eastern Hemisphere Explorer sheet for the Pacific Islands (Sonlight Core F)

Doodles stirs dipping sauce she made as part of a Sonlight Core F project

Doodles Pacific Island feast & decor (Sonlight Core F)

Baby Girl differentiates between a block and a bowl as part of her school (Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready)

A snapshot of our daily read-aloud time

We have really enjoyed our first two weeks. So far it is working out beautifully to separate the children in all subject areas. There is less bickering and interruption, and it is so peaceful. While *I* have to do some extra planning, I still find that it is worth it. Doodles and I have had great, in-depth conversations as part of Sonlight Core F, while Bug and I have also had some deep spiritual discussions as part of what we're studying in Further Up and Further In. Baby Girl is making some progress, too, as we work with her a few minutes at a time daily. I look forward to the weeks and months to come!



Rita and John said...

You make learning look like so much fun! Happy to hear all's going well. Your Baby Girl is looking so big. What beautiful hair she has!

Jean said...

We're doing pretty good, too...just starting week 2 today. Looks like ya'll are having lots of fun while learning. Liking the treat-a-week thingy!

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