Saturday, February 23, 2013

Homeschooling and Life: Feb. 18-23, 2013

We had a pretty good week, with the exception of one day. It seemed like the kids didn't want to get anything done that day, and then *I* had a major attitude that night! Some days are like that, though, but we keep on going and loving and forgiving each other through it all. Baby Girl is continuing to make progress in expressing her needs, so that is thrilling! Bug is still having a blast with his Narnia unit study, and Doodles is really thriving with Oak Meadow. Making the switch from Sonlight to Oak Meadow was a great decision for us. Here are some of the best parts of the week:

Treat of the Week

Doodles drew this ziggurat as part of her Oak Meadow History assignment.

Doodles wrote this for Oak Meadow's Science 6 this week

This is more of Doodles' writing assignments from Oak Meadow 6

This is what Doodles wrote about Hammurabi's Code (Oak Meadow 6)

Doodles made this trademark out of clay for an Oak Meadow project assignment...

then she used it to stamp her trademark on paper.

Doodles also studied bas reliefs in ancient Mesopotamia.

Funny of the week: this is baby girl...actually sleeping!!!


Rita and John said...

How can she sleep like that? So cute! :)

Hen Jen said...

looks like a great week! We are just starting OM 5 with my two youngest, and then we will be splitting them up into OM6 and OM7 or 8...I am interested in seeing how you like OM6 since we will be doing it next year, thanks for sharing!

ReneeK said...

How funny, kids always amaze me how they can just sleep in almost any position. Looks like a fun filled week. Blessings-Renee

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