Friday, February 1, 2013

Homeschooling & Life: Jan. 28-Feb. 1, 2013

Our week was much better b/c Baby Girl's medication is working again...praise God!!! She had significantly fewer meltdowns, and she also showed progress in her communication skills this week. She asked for "snack" or "bite" and "drink." She also asked to "rock you" (meaning, of course, that she wanted us to rock her.) She said "night night" when she knew it was nap time and bedtime. She also told herself "No hit" and "Calm down." We are so excited to see her progressing. As you'll see in some of the pics below, she has some really awesome learning tools. As for Doodles and Bug, they had three great school days and one day in which they just did NOT want to work. So, all in all, it was a good week overall. Here are some of our highlights:

Treat of the Week

Doodles' current reader from Sonlight Core F

Bug studied armor as part of his Narnia unit study

More armor studies

Continued armor study

And more armor studies

Armor...again!!! Bug really enjoyed this part of his schooling this week.

Bug also learned about squirrels as part of his Narnia unit study.

This is the worksheet Bug completed for his squirrel study.

Bug used M&M's to learn about division with remainders...yummy math!

So funny! This squirrel apparently wanted to help Bug with his squirrel studies. I thought it would run when I tried to take this picture, but instead he looked straight at the camera & posed for us!

For Bug's grammar studies, he had to write "The Fox and the Grapes" as a dictation assignment, and then he had to draw a picture of the story.

Baby Girl loves, loves, loves this shaker! It has been a great & inexpensive teaching tool. She shakes it while we sing ABC's and while we count.

This is an incredible teaching tool for visually impaired children, like Baby Girl. As you can see, the screen enlarges books, papers, etc. so that Baby Girl can see & enjoy her favorite book Goodnight Moon. This setting (obviously) shows the print and pictures as is. The pics below show some other options you can use. This allows you to use whichever setting helps your child see the best. Baby Girl's vision therapist is loaning this TV to us, and I am so thankful!

Black and white option

White background with purple print

Red background with black print


Rita and John said...

It's so great to see your Baby Girl smiling!

Christie said...

LOVE that squirrel picture! lol

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