Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Letting Go of "Junk"

Well, let's see....I'll probably ramble in this post, but here goes: I've come to the realization that there's a lot of "stuff" in me that I need to let go of, or more accurately, allow God to cleanse me of. I also started the Atkins diet this week. I need to lose 3o lbs.--you know, that same 30 lbs. I mentioned I needed to lose a year ago. :( I'm fed up with myself! During my quiet time Sunday morning before church, as I was reading my Bible and praying, I came to see that this extra weight is an outward manifestation of an inward problem: sin. I've got some attitudes and some things from my past that I've allowed to build up inside me. I'm letting it all go, through the strength and endurance that only comes from the Holy Spirit living in me. I'm ready to be free. I'm also reading Breaking Free by Beth Moore. God is really using this book to speak to my heart. Also, toward the end of next month, I'm going to start teaching a Bible study on Beth Moore's newest book So Long Insecurity. If any of you ladies are brave enough, I'd love for you to leave a comment on this post about what insecurities you struggle with. I'll go first:
1) Body image
2)Marriage--am I a good wife? is my marriage as good as ________'s?
3)Motherhood--are my kids as smart, well-behaved, Godly as ________'s? if they're not, is it my fault?
4)Homeschooling--is the curriculum I use the best for my children? are they really learning?
*5)Sharing my struggles with others--will they still like me? will they be so shocked that they'll never speak to me again? am I the only one that deals with this?

*This one I'm getting over, obviously. :)


Jennifer said...

Ok...I'll be brave...body image is #1 and not being disciplibed in that area is frustrating me.

Jennifer said...

Ok...I'll be brave. Body Image is #1 for me. My lack of discipline in eating and exercising has been very frustrating to me.

redkitchen said...

Thank you for your honesty & bravery. I won't leave my blog followers hanging, either.:) When I start the Bible Study, I'm going to post about what we learn and hopefully encourage all of us.

Chris said...

*/waving/* Hi back!

Ooo, good post. God's been dealing with my view of my body image. I've put off lots and lots of things, waiting until I'm "thin enough". I'm learning not wait because no one is guaranteed tomorrow :o)


redkitchen said...

You are so right, Chris. None of us are promised tomorrow. One thing I'm learning as I'm losing weight is that my body size does NOT determine my self-worth. I'm worthy of love & I'm beautiful--because God says so.:) I'm taking care of my "temple" now, which is a daily struggle for me. I'm an emotional eater and I have a major sin problem of turning to food instead of to God. I also have a tendency to "stuff" my feelings, which causes me then to stuff my face--and always with unhealthy foods. Letting go feels so good, and I feel more and more freedom with every pound that comes off my body. It's an outward symbol of God's chipping away at my inward struggles. It's a process, though, and one I'll be in for the rest of my life. I take strength in knowing that I'll never have to do it alone.

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