Saturday, May 19, 2012

Books, books, and more books; plus interest-led learning

Ah, books! We love them. We were fortunate enough to find several good books at Goodwill yesterday, and then we also checked out several more at the library today. In a recent post, I typed a list at the end of the post about topics that we wanted to investigate further. For the next two weeks, we are going to spend time delving deeper into these topics. It is really awesome to watch my children eagerly learn and share their ideas with me. Plus, I am learning more myself. I am currently reading one of my favorite Goodwill finds: The Connected Family. It is a great book so far, and it is full of lots of practical ideas about spending time together as a family. It also has excellent advice and discusses the importance of encouraging and building up one another. One thing that really stuck out at me is to stop what you're doing when your kids ask you to play a game, watch something, etc. Your work will wait, but the kids won't...they grow up all too quickly! So, I'd rather have unfolded laundry and dirty floors than to miss out on opportunities to be with my children. It is okay to let some things slide! Next I am going to read another great Goodwill find: Siblings without Rivalry. I just love it when I find bargain books, especially on topics that I'm currently interested in (which right now is on improving our family's strength and helping us to all have fun and enjoy life together as a family.) And never underestimate your influence on your children! I want my children to see me read and enjoy learning things for myself, too. Looking forward to enjoying the adventures that await us in the weeks to come!

Awesome Goodwill finds for everyone!

Library books chosen by Doodles

Library books for Bug


Rita and John said...

I just read Siblings Without Rivalry and loved it! I've been trying to implement ideas from it with our boys here. I'll be curious to hear what you think.

Melissa said...

Are you taking part in the free Unschooling Summit?
(I tried to email you from the main page but it would not work).
I'm really enjoying it so far.
Today they are having Laurie A. Couture's interview who will speak on attachment parenting.
If you listen online via webcast they have a chat you can take part in if you like.
Have a great day!

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