Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our Week

We are still working on Baby Girl's issues and asking God to show us how we can help her. She has her good times and her bad times, and we are just holding her and loving her through it all. I finished reading The Connected Family, and we tried out the suggested "aggression" cookie recipe. They are actually oatmeal cookies, but you can work out your stress kneading the dough by hand, as opposed to using a mixer. Bug helped me make them, and then all the kiddos helped him eat them. It was a nice way to incorporate family time and learning (how to bake, read a recipe, measure, discuss fractions, observe a chemical change.) I played some games with the kiddos, both card games and board games (which involve either reading, memorizing, logic, and/or math skills.) Also, our "fun" math books came, so we'll be looking through those this week & picking activities to do. And, most of all, this coming week will be spent on wedding preparations! That's right, my oldest is getting married this coming weekend. Boy, I'm feeling old now! Seriously, though, my soon to be daughter-in-law is precious, and I am glad to have her officially join our family. Here's to exciting times ahead!

Bug measures and pours ingredients for cookies

I kneaded the dough by hand, working out my "aggression" ;)

Our fun math books:
Math Play for Baby Girl
A Taste of Math for Bug
Sixth Grade Math Fun Activities for Doodles
Math for Every Kid for both Bug and Doodles
I will be posting our activities from these books as we do them. We are looking forward to having fun with math!

Doodles must be sad because I've beaten her in the Twilight New Moon & Eclipse board games three times in a row! :) Have I mentioned our obsession with these books & movies? We are eagerly awaiting the November release of Breaking Dawn Part 2!

Baby Girl with her iPad: she asked for "music," so I played my Playlist for her. Of course, due to her vision impairment, she gets really close to the screen. She does the same thing when she's playing her iPad apps & games.

I get a kiss from Baby Girl after a long day. Precious moment!


Jean said...

Glad your week was productive. It sounds fun, too. I might need some "fun math" workbooks to keep us from "losing" what we've learned over summer vacation.

Rita and John said...

Awwww...I love that last photo. Aggression cookies sound like someone everyone should try!

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